IMG_0155Earlier this month, COLA, a national laboratory accreditor and an advocate for quality in laboratory medicine and patient care, hosted an interdisciplinary “Lab Testing Matters” forum to discuss the impact of laboratory medicine with allied health faculty and students at Howard Community College in Columbia, Maryland.

The forum was designed to present those in the allied health professions with a basic knowledge of the critical role quality laboratory testing plays and its effect on diagnosis and treatment in various health care settings. COLA employees were on-site at the college to present the important connections between laboratory testing and allied health professions including, nursing, radiology, physical therapy, public health, emergency medical services, and more.

“Increasingly, allied health professionals are responsible for administering laboratory functions,” said Douglas Beigel, CEO of COLA. “We are happy to be able to do our part in educating the current and future members of the overall health care system about the importance of quality and excellence in laboratory medicine and patient care.”

IMG_0190Those who attended the event were polled and 89 percent agreed or strongly agreed that an advanced version of this forum should be offered as a course at Howard Community College and that this information should be offered in additional formats.

“To a laboratory scientist, following Quality Assurance procedures during the pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical phases of laboratory testing are the most important factors in providing quality patient care,” said Nancy Calder MT (ASCP), M.A.Ed., Chair of the Medical Laboratory Technician Program at Howard Community College. “Partnering with COLA in educating medical professionals in the art of good laboratory practices is inspirational.”