Recently Advance for Administrators of the Laboratory released the results of the 2014 Salary Survey. In this survey Advance got the inside scoop from over 4,200 laboratory professionals, offering a detailed look at the current make-up of the industry by age, gender, title, region, and certification. These survey results provide us with a better view of the “state of the industry” from the ground level.

Salary Survey _ By TitleFollowing are a few interesting statistics from the survey:

    • 42.3% of those surveyed are above the age of 50
    • 65.9% of those surveyed have over 15 years of experience
    • 68.4% of those surveyed work in a hospital setting, while 16.6% work in reference or physician-office laboratories
    • 37.9% of those surveyed earned an annual gross salary between $50,000 and $69,999
    • 68.2% of those surveyed received a 1-3% salary increase last year
    • 3.0% of those surveyed are cytologist, ages 60+, whereas only 0.5% of people in the industry are cytologist, ages 21-29
    • 21.6% of those surveyed, ages 50-59, reported their current annual gross salary to be between $60,000 and $69,999
    • 12.0% of those surveyed, ages 21-29, made less than $20 hourly, per diem
    • Of the 365 people who reported an annual gross salary of $100,000+, 32.8% work in the western region of the United States.
    • Of the specialties indicated by those surveyed, the highest percentage of professionals earning $70,000+ were in “Pathology” (69.7%), “Cytology/Cytotechnology” (61.7%), “Other” (52.3%), and “Immunology” (51.0%)

Salary Survey _ Gross SalaryOften the details that emerge from surveys like this are eye-opening and really provide the industry with a picture for the future. We can use information like this to pave the way for change in our industry. What are we doing correctly? What can we improve? How can we further advance the profession within the healthcare community?

Advance is conducting a free webinar “The Lab’s Critical Role in Healthcare” on Thursday, April 23 to begin this conversation and explore how the laboratory can and should be increasingly active in the delivery of quality patient care and strategies to advance the clinical laboratory profession. The webinar will feature COLA’s Chief Executive Officer, Doug Beigel, Veteran Laboratorian and active professional, Glen McDaniel, and CEO and Founder of Adept Clinical Consultants LLC., Thomas Tiffany Ph.D.

Read the full salary survey results here