This Lab Week, We are looking for laboratorians, doctors, patients and anyone who has been impacted by laboratory medicine to tell us their story.

Your story could focus on how your life, or the life of someone you care about, was saved because of the results from a lab. Maybe you can discuss how your team is committed to patient safety and quality. As a doctor, how has the lab helped you make a critical diagnosis?  Everyone has a story and those stories should be shared to show the impact and importance of laboratory testing.

Simply fill out the form on the Submit your Story page or email Include a short description of your story and a representative will contact you about featuring your story on Lab Testing Matters. Don’t worry– there’s no need to be a wordsmith, our team will even draft your story on your behalf and post it anonymously if you’d like! What could be easier?

These stories will be posted on and be part of a broad campaign to heighten awareness of the value of lab testing and its impact on patient outcomes. It is up to us to highlight the importance of laboratory medicine in the healthcare system.

Thank you. Your story could make a lasting impression on the future of the profession.

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