What exactly does your Quality Assurance (QA) Plan say about your point of care program (POC)? Are you prepared for your next accreditation inspection? Do you meet regularly with your testing personnel from the units who use the devices in your program?

A robust Quality Assurance Plan will help formalize and standardize the quality assurance practices of all of your point of care testing. The goal of your QA plan should be to achieve excellence in all aspects of testing including pre-analytic, analytic and post-analytic parameters. The scope of your plan should cover all areas of inpatient and outpatient testing based on  your test menu.

Think about joining me Friday morning at the CRI Symposium for Clinical Laboratories to discuss your current QA Plan and learn how other laboratories across the nation address quality assurance in their POC programs. In this interactive session, we will dissect a QA plan from both an ambulatory setting and from a hospital setting. We will discuss how continuous monitoring of multiple indicators within your program will help you to stay inspection ready to help you insure the highest quality of patient care testing.

The audience will participate in discussions about specific parts of their own QA plans. Through case studies and small group discussions participants will be able to develop their own QA plan or strengthen their existing plan with laboratory-tested models.

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