In 2014, the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation conducted a survey to determine physician views on overuse of medical services in the US that showed 75 percent of the responding physicians indicated that frequency of use of unnecessary tests and procedures is a significant problem. The survey also highlights that greater than 50 percent of the overutilization of the unnecessary testing is probably being performed at the urging of the patient. In the latest installment of the video blog “Dr. Daly Discusses…,” COLA’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Daly discusses the ABIM foundation’s program to combat overutilization of testing and procedures called “Choosing Wisely.”

About The Author

Prior to his role as Chief Medical Officer at COLA, Dr. John Daly was the Director of Clinical Laboratories for the Duke University Health System from 2005-2009. A longtime resident of Durham, NC, Dr. Daly was quite active in the local medical community, joining the staffs of three area hospitals and serving as a member of various hospital committees. He earned his M. D. at Cornell University Medical College, and performed his internship and residency in pathology at Duke University Medical Center. He also is a veteran of the U. S. Navy.

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