Name: Cherrie Barnes
Title: Certified Medical Assistant/Lab Technician
Employer: Sutton Station Internal Medicine, Duke Medicine, Durham, NC 

I’ve been a Certified Medical Assistant for 11 years, and have worked as a lab technician for six of them.   I handle the patient blood draws and lab testing we do in-house, such as Urinalysis, Complete Blood Count, Hemoglobin A1c and Glucose tests.

As an internal medicine practice, we get a lot “frequent flyer” patients who are suffering from conditions like diabetes and hypertension, and who need blood tests done frequently to make sure their conditions are being managed properly through medication.   A patient’s blood sample always tells a story; so often, it provides the path to keeping them healthy.   Because we can analyze samples right here in the office, our providers can provide the right course of treatment immediately, including getting the patient admitted to the hospital if that’s what is needed.

I have a real sense of pride in my work.  I love the interaction with patients I see regularly.  I’ve gained their confidence in my ability to draw their blood without leaving a bruise mark or making them uncomfortable in any way.  There’s a lot of satisfaction in that.  It’s a great job for anyone who is compassionate and concerned with helping others.

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