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Lab Testing Matters because...



Without quality systems in the clinical laboratory, diagnosis can be a crap shoot. No test is better than a test that yields an incorrect value & sends the physician down a bunny trail looking for something that is not there.

Betty Lynn HarrisAustin, Texas

I remember one case where a patient had complaints that were confusing to the doctor and he (the patient) was sent to the lab. We performed liver function tests and renal fuction tests. The results revealed the the renal function tests were out of range and so the doctor had a clearer picture of what was going on with the patient. So what do I learn from this? Well, i could say that, my proffesion saved the day. Both for the troubled patient and the confused doctor!

Ritah KiconcoMbarara, Uganda

Its helping reduce treatment cost to patient hence many people can redirect their monies for other actvities. The laboratory and clininician should continue to partner for the benefit of the patient

Opiyo EricKenya, Kisumu

I am a Spanish Clinical Laboratory Technician and I think that our work matters because lab tests are an essential complimentary tool for doctors in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and monitoring of illness and health. Also our job contributes and collaborates in the research and new findings in the biomedical sciences. Medical practice and patient care is not possible nowadays without our daily work in the different areas of clinical and research laboratories.

IsraelCuenca (Spain)

Lab testing matters because if done safely and efficiently a criminal could be convicted or a person could be that much closer to finding out what ails them.

Adrienne TuttleLaurel

It matters to me because its very important to know your conditions.

Kendra K

Patients are our highest priority. We give the best and most accurate information to the doctors and nursing staff to ensure the best outcome we can. Our patients become our families in need.

Joan GreuleNewark, NY

Without testing there is little to discuss with a physician other than symptoms, feelings, or best guesses. I can do that with my husband.

MBBRhode Island

It matters to me because its very important to know your conditions.

Kendra K

because is the bed rock of solutions


I’m retired now,but working in the lab was a most rewarding occupation. I worked as a technologist for over fourth years and I wouldn’t change a thing I experienced in that time.

Walter HearinFlorida

The dynamic of lab science is always changing and if you want to stay on top of the profession you must keep abreast of those changes.

Jennifer McclainBoston, MA

It narrows down the doctors’ guess to the specific cause of illness

Martin koomeKenya

Every tube / specimen is a patient with a suspected illness in need of a diagnosis and appropriate course of treatment. Without our adept analytical and interpretive skills, the clinical physician would be at a loss in providing the appropriate care and course of treatment. It is even more critical as in my case where you’re one of only two skilled personnel in respect to certain diagnostic procedures (Flow Cytometry for the immunophenotyping of leukemia’s).

G. Alexander BurnellJamaica, W.I.

It is the eyes with which a doctor manage to follow a patient’s evolution of a disease.

Prof. A. K. MuddathirSudan

“Through blinded treatment, the patient can get better, if he/she is lucky enough, otherwise; leads to the worst condition as patient history and symptoms can tell us only the tip of the iceberg.” Lab is the key for quality heath care and treatment.

Derese TeferaEthiopia

really they save life.


it is the backbone of modern medicine

Anas IsahNigeria

As a family physician for 15 years and lab director of our high complexity medical laboratory, the availability of labs given and interpreted to my patients at the time of the visit has been unique, incredible, satisfying as a physician. I continue to love my profession as well as continuing to learn from my patients as well as being satisfied on a daily basis that I helped out many people on a daily basis. Lab testing is rewarding on many levels!

Joel Ang MDDupont Circle, Washington DC

You need to find out what is going on in that patients body and blood.

Kerry Schmuff CIT II

it saves and improves quality of life

@arriannariffvia Twitter

because I have a hand in helping others!

@harden315via Twitter

Helped doctor save my life when I had a heart attack @ 47 years old.

Aj Salinasvia Facebook

Without our test results, diagnosis is guessing.

Angela BWisconsin

I work in a small critical access hospital in rural NW Iowa. The providers depend on our lab work in diagnosis and treatment of all our patients. Our lab results often impact whether or not a patient can be treated successfully at our hospital or should be transferred to a large medical facility. Whether you are large or small, lab results need to be spot on and your quality control excellent. We matter.

Brenda M Day MLS (ASCP)Iowa

My 20 yo son was recently seen in the ER with back pain. A CT was sent off to be read and took 40 minutes. Because of a quick urinalysis, they were able to treat him for kidney stones.

Jodi FrigonGlasgow, MT

Yes testing is life saving. I’ve had 2 bad infections, losing a shoulder joint and left leg above the knee. Lab tests saved my life, helped doctors to know what they needed to treat for. Thankful for all LAB workers.


Because Time matters, Getting the correct result to the MD will help give the correct dosage of medication.  The MD need to know how we obtain results.

Linda BlanchardVirginia

When only four years old, I developed a life-threatening infection that was treated effectively only after being tested against multiple antibiotics in a clinical lab. I now help women reach their goal of medical school while teaching in an undergrad college. My colleague, another biology professor, survived meningitis as an infant in part due to the testing performed in a clinical lab.

KathyNorth Carolina

It is vital to finding a diagnosis.

Ginette HuartVancouver, BC, Canada

The best quality health care is only possible it laboratory testing is done by professionals who have the ability to recognize peculiarities in test results to ensure that the correct result is acted on by the physician who will administer treatment based on the laboratory findings.

Shelley TappCanada

We provide valuable clues in diagnosis that would not have otherwise been available from an outward patient examination.


YOU (the Patient) matter!

Lisa R.Illinois

I started out my carrier change studying to be a RN. BUT it was boring for the most part sitting for long hours typing in the relentless paperwork. Medical lab technicians jobs are always new and exciting. No two results are the same. You are a mini detective, lifesaver, mad scientist all in one. Doctors and nurses see one is ill from the outside, but we see deep into the tissue, blood, urine and body fluids to see what is causing the illness. To see the morphology of the cells, the bacteria growing inside blood, wounds, our tissue and to know this is what probably is causing the illness. Only to give the results to the Dr. for him to tell you what the problem is. We get no thanks but we know we don’t have to be the glory seekers. Not to forget blood banking. We test the blood for correct matches for transfusions because one can’t simply just get any blood. So yes our job is hidden but we are Super Heroes! I love my job!!!

Mary MillerOklahoma

We are providing the clinician with the information to properly treat their patient.

Aubry Liggett, MLT (ASCP)Michigan

Without us , doctors are just guessing

Terri DawPittsburgh, PA

In the big picture of medicine, lab results assists with the majority of medical decisions, but has least impact on health dollars.

Kym TuckerNashville, TN

Because of the highest level of quality controls, the results the doctor get is accurate and precise .

Jacques AllardMoncton,NB

Without us to run all these tests on patients, the doctors would never know how to cure them. Especially in microbiology, you need a tech that can think outside the box a lot of the time. A Sherlock Holmes.

Jean Morin, MLT(ASCP)Racine,WI

It save lives; improves community health.


the physicians rely on our results in order to give the patients proper meds and treatments

Colleen P. Caldwell

Our mission is to provide convenient and compassionate quality health care to all patients in a cost effective manner. Accuracy and precision in our laboratories is ensured by efficient and effective quality assurance and quality control measures in conjunction with consistent personnel training. We treat our patients as we would our own family members. Simple as that!

Maria M. RamosTexas

So so many reasons….

#lab4life #WeSaveLivesEveryday

Dr. Rodney E. RohdeTexas

accurate results begins with obtaining quality sample first!

CassandraTodd Carraway, RN, MSN, EdDHawaii

It helps clinicians in patient management and prognosis.


Without us, they wouldn’t know what to do.

Adriana Metz, MT(ASCP)Illinois

Labs save lives

Brendon SatoRapid City, SD

As aLab Personnel I believe with quality laboratory result we can provide the best answers for the hypothesis that are made during the diagnosis and provide a better chance for treatment and hence save lives

emanuel samkKilimanjaro, Tanzania

I have worked in healthcare as a C.L.S. for twenty years , some of that time in a large hospital and some of it spent in small rural hospital . The realization of how integral every department is connected to another is vital . it should function as one unit . However most important , treat every patient as if they were your family after all they are.

Anthony Pastucha MT (A.S.C.P.)Pensacola

Lab test results are an integral part of the medical diagnostic process!

Donna DaytonIndiana University