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Lab Testing Matters because...



It improves quality

Samia RizkEgypt

It allows for precise interventions when managing a patient thus a cost effective evidence based approach. Consider the ever increasing burden of Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms (MDROs) largely due to indiscriminate prescription and use of antibiotics, the Lab continues to play its role for a more precise approach.

Tapiwa MatareZimbabwe

It Saves Lives!

Jose CollinsNew York, NY

It touches the heart & life of a patient.  Quality results mean quality treatment and in turn quality life for patients.

Nael m. soudiJordan

Lives do


Laboratory testing is the bedrock of medical treatment, it is the foundation of health care that provides accurate results that allows the rest of the medical team to save a life. When a Doctor says, “We have to run some tests”….we are the ones that do those tests!”

Thomas-Wolfgang RohanReno, NV

blood nourishes every single cell in the body.


Patient health care rely on the results of the labs

Teresa Powell

We provide clinical information about the patient that’s fast, accurate, and reliable so the physician can act quickly, confident that they are headed in the right direction.

Sheryl ThiessenCanada

Communication between all healthcare workers is the key to providing the best healthcare for our patients.

Valerie R.

Lab testing is the route to find a disease or the route to find the cause of an infection. Lab testing results are required to administer a cure for the patients illnesses.

Yolanda A.California

Beyond the test tube, there is a precious life

Ines C.Florida

It is the basis for which the betterment of quality of life begins.

Ricky KnightTexas

“It can help save lives” is the obvious answer, but to me, it is just plain fun! Love what I do and love learning on a daily basis!

Jennifer HartmanMinnesota

We as lab techs know what causes and effects can help us live a healthy life.

Veronica Dickerson

70%-80% of all doctors decisions are based on OUR timely and accurate results

A. Edwards

It is the difference between a definitive, clinical diagnosis and an approximation of what is medically wrong with a patient. Lab testing is essential testing.

Barry Craig

We as laboratory technicians can and do help the doctors identify the problem/problems that are going on with their patients. Laboratory results are very important in the diagnosis of MANY diseases, cancers and Etc.

Michelle M

As in Medicine there are Clinical signs and symptoms, in Lab Med there are signs that can be accurately measured and helps medical decisions

Roberto Ruiz-ArenasPuebla, México

It enables clinician not only to know what is wrong with their patients,but also the causative agent

Angela Jackson

It Saves Lives


it can find the disease in suffering patients so that patients can be cured

Agusmustofa BaliIndonesia

As medical technologists, don’ t hesitate to ask from your colleagues, review or investigate if necessary, before releasing lab results

Maruja JapzonMedical Technologist

You Matter!

Jennifer Meehan Gronevia Facebook

Lab Professionals across our nation provide quality results to physicians which will provide them with accurate information to deliver the right diagnosis and treatment for their patients.

Peggy HansonTexas

Without us…They’re only guessing.

Bill KellerNew York

In addition to all of the insightful reasons already stated, lab testing matters because the results obtained are often instrumental in furthering medical research toward more effective prevention, treatment and cures for diseases, and metabolic disorders.

Irwin RothenbergWashington DC

Labs aid in preventing diseases from getting worse.

Martha Martinvia Facebook

People matter

Nicole Albrecqvia Facebook

It saved my husbands life!!!!!

Mary Ann Handyvia Facebook

More than half of the decision to treat is based on laboratory results. As a patient, a Medical Technologist and Regulatory Advisor, I have been on all ends of laboratory testing and not once did the importance of those result alter, as it may have been the defining factor between a life saved and a life lost. Accurate results = Accurate action.

Maurica PriceMaryland

because it is the foundation of precision medicine!

Gregory Ingle@GregoryIngle

As a patient I want to be an active participant in decision-making related to treatment choices for myself and my family. Through laboratory information, I feel much more informed and better able to collaborate with my doctor.

Tammy ZinsmeisterOregon

Lab testing saved my own and my spouse’s lives and has given us new tools to manage my own health on a daily basis.

Max WilliamsCalifornia

Simply stated, I want my laboratory test results to be the best quality possible. This will enable my physician to diagnose and treat me so that I get the best possible outcome. Shouldn’t we all have this expectation?

Doug BeigelMaryland

Laboratory testing is a pivotal decision making point for supporting diagnoses and associated therapies for safe and effective patient care.

Sherrie GrahamKansas

As a medical technologist, laboratory testing matters to me because it makes a difference in someone’s life. To help someone feel better is the greatest reward.

Karen F.California

Laboratory (particularly waived) testing matters because it helps to provide efficient and meaningful results at our local clinic

James N.Florida

Lab testing is essential to me as I make decisions about diagnosing and treating my patients. Informed diagnostic decisions resulting in quality patient care start in the laboratory.

Allison K. M.D.California

A simple blood test diagnosed me with prostate cancer. After treatment, I am cancer free. Lab Testing Matters Because It Saves Lives.

Randall M.Illinois

Proper detection, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases are dependent on laboratory tests being performed with quality and precision.

Marcy R.New Jersey