A coronavirus nasal swab test was confirmation to Linda, a family practice physician, that she had COVID-19. She decided to get tested after developing a high fever, chills, and a cough. She stayed home, self- quarantined, and had difficulty breathing walking around her home. She later learned that she also had pneumonia, which is associated with the coronavirus infection. After 4 days of oxygen and antibiotic treatments in the hospital, she began feeling better and was able to return home to finish her recovery. She fully recovered from COVID-19 six weeks later, donated convalescent plasma to help others recover from COVID-19, and returned to her medical practice.

Before beginning her job as an Assistant Administrative Laboratory Director, Tiffany assumed the watery, stuffy nose and sneezing she was experiencing were the allergy symptoms she has had before. Her allergy medicine was changed but she soon lost her sense of smell and taste, a sign of COVID-19. A respiratory swab test confirmed she had COVID-19. Tiffany stayed at home, self-quarantined, and with only mild symptoms she started feeling better in 2 weeks.

Laboratory testing diagnosed these two healthcare professionals with COVID-19. Knowing they had COVID-19 helped them to be treated in the best way possible.

Read more here about the story of ASCP Patient Champions Linda and Tiffany and learn about the role
of laboratory testing in the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19

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